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Get a Great Night’s Sleep
Research shows that one of the most important things for
our overall health, especially as we age, is a good night’s sleep.
Following a normal sleep schedule is crucial to keeping your
body on track in terms of concentration, memory function and
immune system.
Basically, when you fall out of your sleep routine, your health
pays for it. Sleep requirements vary from person to person,
but most healthy adults require seven-and-a-half to nine hours
of sleep per night. Feeling sluggish during the day may be an
indicator that you aren’t getting enough sleep, so be sure to
pay attention to your body to determine your personal sleep

Sleep Deprivation
Older adults who don’t sleep well are more likely to suffer from
depression, attention and memory problems, excessive daytime
sleepiness, and experience more nighttime falls, according to the
Sleep Foundation.
As we age, our body produces lower levels of growth hormone.
This can cause a decrease in slow wave, or deep sleep. When this
happens you produce less melatonin, leading to fragmented sleep
and more frequent wake-ups during the night hours. These are
normal parts of growing older, but by keeping to a strict sleep
routine and listening to your body when it’s tired, you can help
stave off these potential effects.

By Green Shoot Media

during your sleep, these are serious signs of sleep apnea. Check
with your physician to see what kinds of tests they offer for
determining if you have a sleep disorder.
Improve Your Sleep
Here are a few tips from the National
Sleep Foundation to get a better night’s
• Use low-wattage bulbs and turn off the
TV and computer at least one hour before
• Make sure your bedroom is quiet, dark
and cool.
• Move bedroom clocks out of view to
prevent disruptions to your sleep.
• Adjust your bedtime to match when you
feel like going to bed, even if that’s earlier
than it used to be.

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Sleep Apnea
Untreated sleep disorders, like sleep apnea, can put a
person at risk for
disease, headaches
and other issues.
If you or someone
you love experience
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