Mother’s Day
In Memoriam
Lula Mae

Marilyn Curry

It has been 17 years since the
good Lord took you from us.

Still seems like yesterday. I’m
going to love, miss and mourn
you forever BFF. Rest Easy

May Pimpton

March 25, 1951 - April 14, 2018

When God created
Mothers All as lovely
can be He made one
extra special And saved
her just for me.

May 21, 1923 - Feb. 13, 2003

Happy Mother’s Day
& Happy Birthday!

I love you,
Happy Mother’s Day!
Tara, Michael, & Roy

You would’ve been 97 years old.

Your loving son,
daughter-in-law, other
relatives, & friends.



Bertha Jenkins

Aug. 12, 1957 - Nov. 21, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day
From Your Baby Girl
Michelle & Family


Peggye McCain

April 10, 1940 - Aug. 26, 2005

Jan. 27, 1932 - Dec. 16, 2019

It has been fifteen years now
that we have celebrated the
memory of you on this day.
For each year out of those
fifteen, your family can
probably tell fifteen crazy
different stories about you.

Mother, I miss you
and think of you daily.
Thanks for your patience
and unconditional love
throughout my lifetime


Happy Mother’s Day!

Leola Jones

Mar. 26, 1917 - April 3, 2005

Love, Mary, Duane, Jane, & Annette

Mary Jo Phipps
Oct. 3, 1928 - Aug. 27, 2012

Mother’s Day Jo!
You are in our
thoughts daily
We love your dearly

Happy Mother’s

In tears we saw you
sinking and watched you
pass away. Our hearts
were almost broken, we
wanted you to stay. But
when we saw you sleeping
so peaceful, free from
pain, how could we wish
you back with us to suffer
again? For part of us went
with you, the day God
took you home.

your children, grandchildren,
& great-grandchildren

Ella Maxwell

J.D., Dennis, & Kathy

Dec. 18, 1921 - Dec. 8, 2019


As if a special occasion is
necessary to send you love,

Mary L.

Happy Mother’s Day!
Thank God for He granted
us the most priceless gift.

May 1, 1908 - Sept. 30, 2002

Happy Mother’s Day!
We hold you close within our
hearts, and there you will
remain to walk with us throughout our lives until we meet
again. Thank you dear Mother
for all you’ve done. You left a
bouquet of memories sprayed with a million tears.

With love today, tomorrow, and always
Love your daughters, Ozelma, Elle Lee, Janice,
Shirley, Jackie, Freida, Billie, Mechelle, your
grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.


With All Our Love,
Mary D., Anne, grands & great-grandkids

Joyce Slaughter

But these letters all together spell “MOTHER”.
A word that means the world to us.
From, Your Kids

Feb. 18, 1943 - Oct. 27, 1997

In memory of our awesome, beautiful
and loving mother. Even though you
have been gone for almost 23 years,
the life lessons you taught us will live
in us forever.
We miss and think of you not only
on Mother’s Day, but every day.
Love your children
Frank Jr., Desiz Maechelle, & Thea


Tonsie Berry

July 1, 1946 - Aug. 15, 2010

“Lay not up for
yourselves treasures
upon earth, where
moth and rust doth
corrupt, and where
thieves break through
and steal: But lay up
for yourselves treasures
in heaven, where
neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and
where thieves do not break through nor steal”
Matthew 6:19-20 KJV

Happy Mother’s Day, to my queen,
Tonsie Berry!
May she Rest in Peace


Cannamore Adams
April 1, 1919 - Sept. 7, 2007

To the Glory of God
In Loving Memory
Mama, thank you for your legacy of faithfulness to
and love for our God that carries us through even the
hardest of times. Our every thought overwhelms us
with your love and joy, every heartbeat whispers the
truths you shared, every breath longs to join you and
Daddy before His throne

Loved by her kids & grandkids, Bertha,
Carolyn, JuneBug, & Sonia

“Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing
love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way
I should go, for to you I entrust my life.” Psalm 143:8
Come quickly, Lord Jesus.



Sept. 24, 1961 - Sept. 25, 2015

It’s our 5th Mother’s Day
here without you. You are
always in our hearts and
on our minds.
We love and miss you so very much.

your father, children, grandchildren,
family, & Mr. Charles Lewis


Feb. 13, 1933 - Nov. 15, 2011

“We never need a special
day, to bring you to our
mind, for days without
a thought of you, are
very hard to find.”
-Author Unknown

Happy Mother’s Day!

Your Husband, Children, Grandchildren
& Great-Grandchildren

Agnes M.

Aug. 28, 1929 - Dec. 13, 2018

On this special day, mothers
will receive calls, cards and
many creative expressions
of love. When our family
gathers on special days, we
always tell a story or quote
something you said and it
brings a smile or laughter. Other family members
or friends that talk to us about you, reminds me
how much you are loved and missed. As I think of
you, I can clearly see your face, your bright eyes
and that big smile. Sometimes when I need it, I
can feel your arms around me, and it brings me
comfort. Momma, we love and miss you so much.
Love Always... Aaron, Sr., Janet and
Ericka Black Aaron, Jr., Randa,
Carrington and Channing Black

Eileen Murrin
There comes a time when
we all look and wonder
however did she do it? How
did she take care of all of
us? Our food, our clothes,
our rooms and schools and
schedules? Where did she
get the time to drive us?
Talk to us? Sit with us when
we needed? Who taught
her how? Surely somewhere
there is a book of instruction of these young ladies.
Eileen, you were the best. You worked and cared
for us the best way we never knew and it was more
than plenty. If we ever did without, we never were
aware of it. We owe so much to you and Dad.
Each spring there is a day called Mother’s Day and
it is fitting it be in spring because that’s when the
best flowers are about and you deserved the best
Mom. Your firm guidance, strong and direct, your
sense of humor, most times flexible enough even for
our age jokes, and you attention to detail to our
needs. We could have asked for more in our Mother
but we needed nothing more period.
Just so you know Mr. Mom has taken your place
and he has learned it’s not an easy job. But you
would be very proud of him. You are missed more
each day than you will ever know, and while we
seem to accept our loss we have not forgotten you
for one moment.
But we have figured it out, Mothers of Magic or
MOM, you juggle, you snuggle, you cook, you wash,
you hug, you clean and yes, work and love without
complaint, if that’s not magic you have fooled us.

Marty, Jimmy, Toni, & Char



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