It’s time to hear

May is National Better Hearing & Speech Month. Whether for yourself
or someone you care about, there’s probably never been a better time
to do something about hearing difficulties than right now.


Harvard Medical School
study has revealed that
close bonds with others is the
single most important factor in
both happiness and longevity
in later life1.

Hearing loss progresses
gradually, making it hard for
people to know how much
their hearing has changed.
What may begin with jokes
about ‘selective deafness’, or
struggling to follow conversations in noisy environments,
can progress into avoidance of
social situations and
group conversations.
While some people worry
about the stigma of wearing
aids, when they stop having to
say “Sorry, could you repeat
that?”, they feel more ‘youthful’. Furthermore, the path
to better hearing may simply
involve removing a build-up of
earwax or the adoption of an
invisible hearing aid.
The cost of hearing aids can
also hold people back. Some
people always seem to put

Stop saying “I’ll get around to it”.
Do something about it. Today!
Don’t just do it for you, but also for the friends
and family who would love to converse more
easily with you. So, here’s three great offers to
help you get started...


Given this, overcoming
barriers to communication is
incredibly important to well
being. So, why do many people
take years before taking a
first step to address their
hearing difficulties?
According to Pauline Dinnauer, Vice President of Audiological Care at Connect Hearing,
there are a few key reasons,
including: “Failure to recognize
the impacts of hearing loss,
pride, and the cost of hearing
aids. To a lesser extent, unrealistic expectations and wavering
persistence with hearing aids is
also an issue.”

Hearing difficulties?

Learn about hearing, hearing loss,
hearing solutions, and financial
assistance available to people with
hearing difficulties.


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in value


Addressing hearing loss cam make people feel happier and more youthful.

others’ needs ahead of their
own. But they may be failing to
appreciate that that their loved
ones want them to be able to
communicate with family and
friends with greater ease and
enjoyment. And the cost of a
custom-programmed hearing
aid starts as low as $499.
While hearing aids have technology to improve people’s
ability to follow conversations,
enjoy music, and tune in to the
sounds of nature, they cannot repair damage caused by
noise, medications, illness, or
aging. According to Dinnauer,
“The key to ‘success’ with hearing aids is: going in with an
open mind, continuing to work
with your hearing care professional to customize settings to
your unique needs, patience,
and persistence.”

When is it time to address
hearing difficulties?
The sooner someone recognizes hearing loss and addresses it
the better. If you, or someone
you care about, identifies with

any of the following then
it’s time:
• Having to listen intently to
hear or follow speech.
• Difficulty in noisy places
or when multiple people
are speaking.
• Consistent ringing in the
ears (i.e. tinnitus).
• Others say you don’t hear
very well.

FREE Hearing Evaluation &

We will test for the faintest tones
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in v

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What can you do?
This could involve learning
more about hearing loss, having a hearing evaluation to establish a ‘base line’, or having
earwax removed by a trained
hearing care professional. If
hearing loss is present, you will
have the opportunity of a free,
2-week hearing aid trial so
that you make making an
informed decision.

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*Offer valid only through 05/31/2019. One gift card per customer. Complimentary Hearing
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