Overcoming the
costs of hearing loss
According to research from Harvard Medical School, there may be
something for a loved one this year to bring them true happiness.


hat can make those you
love truly happy? Is it fame,
fortune, or good looks? No, it’s you!
A Harvard Medical School study
has revealed that close bonds
with others is the biggest factor
in both happiness and longevity
in later life.
Robert Waldinger, the current
director of the study and a
professor of psychiatry at Harvard
Medical School, explains:

Overcoming loneliness: Better hearing makes people them feel younger and happier.

“Those who kept warm
relationships live longer and
happier.” Alternatively, “Loneliness
kills,” he said. “It’s as powerful as
smoking or alcoholism.”

Over 100 years ago, Helen Keller
who was both deaf and blind,
explained: “Sight connects people
to things, hearing connects people
to people.”

“Loneliness kills... it’s as powerful
as smoking or alcoholism”
- R. Waldinger

Unless their hearing loss is treated,
people may start making excuses
to avoid noisy environments and
social settings altogether.

48 million Americans live with
hearing difficulties, making it
hard to follow conversations —
particularly in social and noisy
settings such as restaurants, cafés,
and family gatherings.
Over time, this leads to feelings of
isolation and frustration. Hearing
difficulties also increase risks of
depression, decline in memory
and concentration, and earlyonset dementia.

“Sight connects people to things,
hearing connects people to
people” - H. Keller
Despite the social impact and
hidden costs of hearing loss, only
14 percent of people with hearing
difficulties have taken a pragmatic
approach and adopted their use.
Of the slower adopters, ‘price’ was
identified as the key reason for
persisting without hearing aids.
Pauline Dinnauer, Doctor of
Audiology, believes that low
adoption rates are regrettable,
especially given the reactions
from those who address their
hearing difficulties.

Robert Waldinger presenting findings from
the Harvard study in a recent ‘TED Talk’.

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“The Harvard Medical School
study supports what we witness
every day. Clients tell us that
better hearing has made them
feel younger, happier, and more

connected to the people they love
and their communities.”
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The program has been met with
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Americans with hearing loss.”

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