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WESTVIEW NURSERY & LANDSCAPE CO. SALE SALE SALE #1 GARDEN CENTER H SALE STARTS NOW THERE’S NO SHORTAGE OF PLANTS HERE WEED FREE ZONE COOL SEASON WEED KILLER READY TO SPRAY BOTTLE GERANIUMS 5.99 & UP WINTER BLANKETS 10’X12’ FT. 15.99 OR .99 Running Ft. 10’ Wide SPRING FERTILIZE LAWNS NOW WINTERIZING IS NO JOKE You Can Have The Prettiest Grass In22.99 The Neighborhood If You Act Now. WEED & FEED GRASS NOW A perfect fertilizer plus weed killer to protect your grass this winter plus eliminating unsightly weeds FREE Labor To Apply In Area FREE USE OF SPREADERS 1 Bag covers lot size 50x50 Ft. 2 Bags covers lot size 50x100 Ft. 3 Bags covers lot size 75x100 Ft. 4 Bags covers lot size 100x100 Ft. FOR BERMUDA AND ST. AUGUSTINE COVERS 2500 Sq. Ft. VEGETABLES TOMATOES, PEPPERS, BROCCOLI, CABBAGE, BRUSSEL SPROUTS, COLLARDS, KALE DINOSAUR $9.95 FUEL SURCHARGE 139 4” POTS... 2 Bags minimum HERBS 4” Pots..... 1.99 LANDSCAPE SPRINKLER SYSTEM INSTALLATION INSTALLATION AND RESIDENTIAL REPAIRS AND COMMERCIAL DERRICK HOUCK LI 21235 CALL 772-7890 FREE LANDSCAPE PLANTING OUR SPECIALTY PLANNING CONSULTATION ESTIMATES WESTVIEW NURSERY & LANDSCAPE CO. 2 Locations 10,000 Woodway Drive 776-2334 1136 N. Valley Mills Drive 772-7890 Mon.-Sat. 8:30-5:30 • Open Sunday 12:00-5:00 OPEN SUNDAY WACO STORE ONLY