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Taking Time
to Travel


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Retirement means unlimited vacation days —
time to take all those trips you couldn’t fit into
your few weeks of annual vacation during your
working life, energy for day and weekend trips to
explore your own region that always seemed like
too much after working 40 hours.

While there are plenty of
trips that are fun for any traveler,
senior citizens have additional
options to see the world.

Find a Senior Travel

7405 Woodway Dr.
(254) 776-0144

ask about a senior discount.
You also can get deal on some
train tickets throughout Europe,
according to Rick Steves; ask at
the train station what discounts
are available.
Even without special deals,
retirees have the advantage
of more open schedule. Rick
Steves sug-gests traveling during
shoulder season (April-May,
prices are lower be-cause it’s not
peak season, but the weather is
still fairly good.

ElderTreks and Road Scholar
offer adventures of all kinds
for senior citizens, including
short and inexpensive trips to
places throughout the United
States and longer excursions
to Central and South America,
Europe, Africa and more. These
programs allow you to sign up
Invest in a National
for the trips you want to take,
browsing through different
Parks Pass
adventure options like train
travel, hiking, sea trips and
Seniors can get a lifetime
more, and they do the planning National Parks pass for $80,
for you.
allowing entry into all the
national parks and monuments
Traveling by yourself? There throughout the country.
are tour groups that cater to
For the outdoorsy types,
single senior citizens as well.
this is an inexpensive way to
spend a day or a weekend
Look into Discounts
hiking or camping. Even the less
other outdoorsy types can find easy
organizations for senior citizens hikes or beautiful drives through
offer travel discounts on flights, some of the country’s most
hotels, rental cars, cruises and pristine, gorgeous landscapes,
tours. Check out what options including the red rocks of Zion
are available. Often insurance National Park, the geysers of
companies and big box stores Yellowstone or the green, rolling
offer discounts as well, so find hills of Shenandoah National
the best deal you can. When you Park.
go to museums and other sights,

Home upkeep?

“I traded it in for the sheer
joy of keeping up with life.”

Life changes for the better when you experience true retirement
living at The Delaney at Lake Waco. Just imagine: no more
housekeeping or lawn service and no more fixing things
around your home. You simply call the concierge and schedule
assistance—from hanging a picture to repairing a leaky faucet.
The chores and upkeep are on us, you can keep up with
everything life calls you to do. Enjoy it.

Call today to schedule a personal visit, or
to request a FREE copy of our Senior Living
Community Evaluation Guide and Checklist.

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