Details for Public Auction - Ideal Self Storage, June 21


PUBLIC NOTICE Pursuant to Chapter 59 of the Texas Property Code, Ideal Self Storage is having an online auction. The property is being sold to satisfy a landlord's lien. The sale will be held at beginning June 21,2019. Seller reserves the right to withdraw any property from the sale upon payment in full. Bidding sale will end on June 29, 2019 at 11 A.M. Units to be sold: Jennifer Strangmeyer, Rasheen Giddings, Sarah Olivarez, Jane Sickler, Betty Medina, Thomas Richard, Christina Glover, Shedera Baker, Rodney Threadgill, Scott Burns, Sheryl Chatham, Denise Lehrmann, Tala Ridings, Kari Arriola, Inventory: furniture, household items, clothing, misc.