Details for Code of Ordinances 16-61 - July 5


THE STATE OF TEXAS ) COUNTY OF MCLENNAN ) In the name and by the authority of the State of Texas, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to any and all persons, including adverseclaimants, owning or having or claiming any legal or equitable interest in or lien upon the properties described below and to any and all persons having knowledge of the whereabouts and locating of owners or lien holders of the properties described below: 15635 VISION DRIVE LLC Block 11 Lot 9 TURNER-CLTN-TURNER 721 TURNER ST ATA INVESTMENT HOLDINGS Block 13 Lot 1 2 PROVIDENT 2100 COLCORD AVE BLUEBONNET SAVINGS BANK FSB Lot COMMON AREA STATION CREEK FORT GATES DR DOES'S INC Block 9 Lot 1 BRIARSTOWN VILLAGE 7000 SANGER AVE MENDOZA HERIBERTO & JOANNA RAMIREZ Block 10 Lot 12 OAKWOOD 944 HOLT AVE MORENO MARTIN & MARIA SOTO MORENO Block 5 Lot 8 ARCHENHOLD 1625 LIVE OAK AVE RAMOS GEORGE JR Block 2 Lot 23 BARRON 511 N 9TH ST TLA ACQUISITION MANAGEMENT LLC Block 1 Lot 24 COUGAR RIDGE PT 3 10183 COUGAR RIDGE PKWY TILLMAN OLA LEE Block 7 Lot 5 6A DAVIS J F TR 1205 SHERMAN ST STANLEY WADE Block 20 Lot 1A BARRON HEIRS 1100 N 9TH ST WEBLEY HERVIN ETAL Block 20 Lot 13 14 15B TRAVIS PARK 3541 CUMBERLAND AVE WICKLIFF ELIOT M & IMELDA M WICKLIFF Block 1 Lot 5 LAKE RIDGE 3340 POINTE VISTA The properties listed above in violation of section 16-61 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Waco, which makes it unlawful for anyone to allow weeds, grass, brush, trash, or rubbish to accumulate on property within the city as such is a fire and health hazard. These properties are to be cleaned or cleared within seven (7) days of this publication. If no action is taken within seven (7) days, the City will assume responsibility for having property cleaned or cleared and will place a lien on the property for the expenses incurred. If there are any questions about this Notice, call the Code Enforcement Inspector at 750-5970. ISSUED AND GIVEN UNDER MY HAND AND SEAL, THIS 8th DAY OF July 2019. Esmeralda Hudson, City Secretary City of Waco