In a strange twist, like something from of a TV script, local conservative activist Kurt Krakowian is working on the campaign of a Dallas Democratic gubernatorial hopeful.

Sound farfetched? That's because it's his part in the season finale of the recently filmed "Dallas" revival, shot on the campus of Southern Methodist University.

In the show, set to air on TNT starting in June, Sue Ellen Ewing (Linda Gray) runs for governor as a Democrat, and Krakowian plays a small role as her campaign aide.

When it comes to acting, this isn't Krakowian's first rodeo. He acted on a number of popular TV shows as a child, including appearance on "The Love Boat" and "Saved by the Bell."

He runs a local entertainment company, and before that was a campaign and legislative staffer for local State Rep. Charles "Doc" Anderson.

Krakowian's not the only politically prominent Wacoan getting into acting.

Former Democratic State Rep. Jim Dunnam turned his Chilton ranch into a movie set earlier this year. Part of the indy movie "Best Friends Forever" was shot there. He also played a tiny part as a deranged rancher carrying a shotgun.

That may be less of a stretch than Krakowian as a Democrat.