Saltgrass Steak House in Legends Crossing is now open. Saltgrass has sites in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin and San Marcos, as well as Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Waco recently welcomed the openings of Saltgrass Steakhouse in Legends Crossing and Twisted Root Burgers in the remodeled Texas Playhouse Theater on Interstate 35 North, near University Parks Drive.

My wife, Claudell, and I went to Saltgrass Streakhouse last Tuesday, its second night of operation. We knew the line outside would be sizable because residents turn out in force whenever a new restaurant hits town. We agreed that if the wait was 45 minutes or less, we would stick around and watch people as we waited for our buzzer to go off, informing us a table awaited.

Once inside, we were glad we stuck around. The atmosphere was lively, but not so loud that we couldn’t enjoy our conversation. We quit counting after eight different people — servers and managers and assistant managers — asked about our meal and experience. We thoroughly enjoyed both.

Probably the highlight of our evening was my wife’s expression when her monstrous chicken-fried steak arrived, lapping over the edge of the plate. We needed two to-go boxes to carry home all she didn’t eat.

We look forward to checking out Twisted Root and sampling one of its exotic burgers. Emu, camel, ostrich, boar, rabbit or duck, anyone? The website says they are on the menu.

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