Refit Revolution, a Waco-based fitness program with almost 300,000 YouTube followers, has completed its move to 1522 Washington Ave., where the partners bought a 20,000-square-foot building dubbed The Standard on Washington Avenue. About 100 people attended a soft opening in October, said Angela Beeler, one of the three founders.

Refit’s growth since 2012 necessitated a move from Richland Drive, Beeler said. The business now has 3,500 square feet available for workouts and can accommodate retail space for gear, a guest lobby and a women’s locker room with 67 lockers, she said. The new space also allows Refit to have its workout and office spaces in the same location, which was not possible before, she said.

It has rental space available for health-focused food, drink and skin-care establishments, and finish-out work is winding down for Happy Harvest and Bare Bucha.

“We will have a grand opening in December,” Beeler said. “We’re in the midst of a heavy membership drive, offering membership through December for $59, then $59 a month beginning in January.”

Refit has licensed about 3,500 instructors around the nation who offer Refit-style workouts, but most revenue is generated through video productions involving local workouts that are made available on DVD.

The partnership achieved the financial clout to buy and renovate the former Integ building on Washington Avenue, which had an asking price of $595,000.