pei wei (copy)

Pei Wei at Valley Mills Drive and Waco Drive.

Pei Wei Asian Diner apparently is on the road to recovery, having aced a recent pop-in quiz by the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District.

Last June, as readers may recall, Pei Wei was shut down by inspectors who found myriad violations during a lunchtime visit. It reopened a couple of days later, as management all-stars from throughout the Pei Wei system reportedly traveled to Waco to clean up the local restaurant’s act.

Fast forward to Thursday before last, Feb. 21, when Pei Wei received a score of zero, which is great. The lower the number the better, according to the health department’s rating system. David Litke, who oversees environmental health for the department, said the Feb. 21 visit was a followup from three days earlier, when Pei Wei received its annual inspection to maintain its food handlers’ license. Inspectors reported no major problems on the first visit but assigned 11 demerits for minor infractions, among them failure to place handwashing soap as close to the food-prep area as required, Litke said.

But he said Pei Wei has improved from last summer.

David Franklin, who identified himself as general manager of Waco’s Pei Wei, said in a Feb. 23 email that the restaurant has been “firmly in my hands” the past two months.

“I wanted to let you and your readers know that since I’ve taken over we had a health inspection that resulted in a 100 percent pass,” Franklin wrote. “I understand that Waco has lost a lot of trust in this store, but I believe that with myself and my new team, this store is ready to satisfy Waco’s hunger once again.” The message was dated Feb. 23.