Poco Loco

The building at 25th Street and Bosque Boulevard has been vacant since 2014 after seeing a series of grocery stores come and go.

Poco Loco Supermercado, a Hispanic-themed grocery chain, remains determined to remodel the 37,000-square-foot building at North 25th Street and Bosque Boulevard and open a store there.

The chain confirmed in September 2018 its plans for Waco, saying then an opening would occur in three to six months. That has not happened. The building remains lifeless, though particle board has been placed on the windows and doors, and a banner promises the wait is nearly over.

An email from Poco Loco officials last week says the chain continues to pursue permits to begin remodeling the building, which has been vacant since 2014. The Waco City Council already has approved a variance allowing the new owners to sell alcohol for off-premises consumption, a necessity since it will operate within 300 feet of Provident Heights Elementary School. The previous occupant, a Super Plaza grocery store, had the same type of variance.

Poco Loco will employee about 50 people, according to the email.

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