I would have thought SpaceX got the holiday off, but perhaps not:

The video is dated July 4. Working to find out more. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: And then this video appears on the official SpaceX YouTube channel:

That would be the June 14 Grasshopper test at McGregor that went more than 1,000 feet high before landing. From the YouTube page:

For the first time in this test, Grasshopper made use of its full navigation sensor suite with the F9-R closed loop control flight algorithms to accomplish a precision landing. Most rockets are equipped with sensors to determine position, but these sensors are generally not accurate enough to accomplish the type of precision landing necessary with Grasshopper.

Previous Grasshopper tests relied on the other rocket sensors but for this test, an additional, higher accuracy sensor was in the control loop. In other words, SpaceX was directly controlling the vehicle based on new sensor readings, adding a new level of accuracy in sensing the distance between Grasshopper and the ground, enabling a more precise landing.

The "F9-R" would be the Falcon 9-R — the first stage of which is what's being tested in the first video. The plan is for that first stage to eventually return to the launch site under its own power so it can be re-used, saving a great deal of money on launch costs.

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