Couple more items of SpaceX news: First, from company spokeswoman Christina Ra:

SpaceX is planning to run another test at our rocket development facility in McGregor that will be much louder than the typical tests we run daily, and this test could run from seconds in duration to up to several minutes.  This test could occur as early as the evening of Tuesday, June 18th.  Given that the test could run for several minutes and late in the day, it’s important that the community know this is coming. 

This almost certainly means another test of the Falcon 9-R first stage.

The upgraded Falcon 9 also has a new customer — thanks to help from US foreign policy. The Obama administration, worried that satellite launches can lead to improved ICBM capability, has been tightening satellite export controls in an effort to starve China of customers for its Long March rockets. Any satellite that uses a US-made component on the list is subject to the International Trade in Arms Regulations, known as ITAR — and the list recently got a lot longer.

That's why the European satellite maker Thales Alenia just switched a communications satellite set to serve Turkmenistan from launch aboard a Long March to launch, in 2014 or 2015, aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9.

Details are here at Space News.

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