Witchy Woman's Whistle Fair

More than two dozen creative and talented women will take the stage at the Whistle Stop in Crawford, 6432 N. Lone Star Parkway, on Saturday, Oct. 27, for the Witchy Woman's Whistle Fair, which will fill more than nine hours with music, poetry, speech and maybe a little dance.

The festival starts at 10 a.m. and provides a showcase for such musicians as Isis Lee, the Jonna Mae Duo, Beth Ullman, CaCean Ballou, Tamra Clark, Heather Grace Ranelle, Shanna Rowland and the Wanderers, Lilly Milford, Alexandra Garza, Kyrstin Baird, Susie Ochoa, Kasaundra Owens, Deanna Leach and Marty VanWagner.

Artists Rachel Clousing, Annakaren Bejarano and Iris Walmawa Naka will do live painting; Kasandra Owens and Sandi Horton will read poetry; and "Rocky Horror Picture Show" performance group Waco Warp will close the festival. Holistic guru Hannah E. Cathleen Blout will open the festival at 10 a.m., followed by Lee leading a Praise to the Earth and Wind Ceremony with music and poetry by Sandi Horton.

Admission is $10, $5 with canned goods for Caritas. Proceeds benefit  the Salvation Army's Sally House, a shelter for homeless families.

Tribune-Herald entertainment editor