Waco Community Choir (copy)

The Waco Community Choir, seen here last year before it sang at the Home Grown Honors 2018 festival in Dallas, will perform next week as one of the nominees for Contemporary Choir of the Year at the Stellar Awards in Las Vegas.

A gospel choir raising funds for a Vegas trip may raise eyebrows, but in the case of the Waco Community Choir it's a good thing.

The choir collaborated with Los Angeles gospel singer-songwriter-choir director Brent Jones last year on his live album "Open Your Mouth And Say Something," whose title track bubbled in the top of the gospel music charts for weeks.

The choir's singing caught more than a few ears and it's been nominated for Contemporary Choir of the Year at this year's Stellar Awards recognizing gospel music achievement, held March 28-31 in Las Vegas.

The Waco choir will travel to Vegas and sing for the awards at 10 a.m. March 30, staying to sing with Brent Jones at the Choir Fest led by gospel star Hezekiah Walker at noon March 31.

To help raise funds for the trip, the Waco Community Choir will sing at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, March 23, at the Faith Temple Baptist Church in Lorena. Admission is free and a love offering will be taken for the choir. 

It's always something when outsiders recognize the talent in Waco. Congratulations to the Waco Community Choir and blessings on the journey.