"Raise Hell" (copy)

The life of the late, outspoken Texas journalist Molly Ivins gets film coverage in the documentary "Raise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly Ivins" in Waco on Sunday and Monday.

The fall movie season is underway with a shift from late August/early September's weekly dump of four to five films in late August — your pick: studio housecleaning or barrel-scraping — to two to three new movies each week.

Indie films and smaller studio releases still find their way to Waco, however, and could use flag-waving to alert film fans of their presence. This week that's true for the generally well-reviewed "Brittany Runs A Marathon," which opens Friday, but even more so for the Janis Engel documentary "Raise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly Ivins," which has two Waco screenings this week.

Make that two free Waco screenings: 2 p.m. Sunday and 7 p.m. Monday at the Waco Hippodrome.

Ivins, who died of cancer in 2007, covered the state legislature for the Texas Observer, the Dallas Morning News and as a syndicated columnist for much of her journalistic career, earning a reputation for her salty, colorful writing and reporting that aimed to hold state and national leaders accountable.

Her high profile in Texas politics and friendship with Texas Gov. Ann Richards, a Waco native, meant that many Waco residents were personally acquainted with her and called her friend, acquaintance, ally, gadfly or kindred hell-raiser.

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