"First Man"

Ryan Gosling plays astronaut Neil Armstrong in "First Man."

The heavy rain this weekend is a cinematic one with seven movies arriving in Waco theaters. That's not counting one-off special screenings, which, by my count, add another eight movies to what's been playing.

The big mainstream releases are "First Man," an account of astronaut Neil Armstrong's path that made him the first person to step on the moon, and the family Halloween-season "Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween."

Potentially lost in the deluge is "The Wife," in which actress Glenn Close does (in some critics' opinions) an Oscar-caliber performance as the long-suffering wife of a prize-winning, egotistical writer. Those interested in Irish culture and history might look into "Black 47,"  a revenge drama set during the deadly potato famine of the 1840s that drove thousands to America for survival.

Horror movie fans may want to check out the movie series at the Waco Hippodrome that brings both the 1978 and 2018 "Halloweens" to town as well as Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds."

"Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer," which had an earlier sneak preview in Waco, moves to a nightly run with its account of a Philadelphia abortion provider operating beyond the law.

There's also a Sunday night screening of "Surfers and Cowboys" at the Hippodrome, with director Bryan Jennings and surfer Aaron Gold attending.

And for those wondering what's leaving Waco theaters today, "Little Women" and "White Boy Rick" are saying goodbye.

Different strokes for different folks, the saying goes, and this week offers more strokes than usual.

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