A video of Baylor football staff member Sean Padden getting knocked over by a robotic tackling dummy has gone viral.

After Padden won the race against the tackling dummy, the machine hits him and knocks him off his feet. The Baylor football players and coaches start howling with laughter.

Jimmy Fallon showed the video on "The Tonight Show."

“The funny part about it was he wasn’t racing to get them a later curfew,” said Baylor coach Matt Rhule. “They bet against him, they said he couldn’t beat the machine. So when he won, that’s why he was so proud, when he stopped and stood up, because the whole team doubted him. And then for that machine to take him out like that was awesome.”

Baylor later taped an interview with Padden in which he said he raced the tackling dummy for humanity. “The machines aren’t going to fight fair and we’d better be ready.”

“I thought his interview, ‘Man vs. Machine,’ was epic,” Rhule said. “I think he deserves an ESPY or at least an ESPY nomination, to be quite frank.”