Once, near Houston, a family of four,

Had a Volkswagen van and little more.


It was their home, their little nest,

A place to stay, a place to rest.


They lived each day, tried not to complain,

But then came threats of a hurricane.


They had no house or little boat,

They were blessed to learn,

Their van would float.


They drifted some but soon were curbed,

Near a place where free hot meals were served.


Compared to others, their loss was less,

No damaged house, no front-yard mess.


They were reminded of the joy of living,

And declared each day to be Thanksgiving.

Marlene Tucker, a native of Haslet, Texas, makes her home on a farm just outside Axtell with her husband, Bill. She says there is a poetic story in almost everything. Email her at marlenetucker22@yahoo.com