Love makes the world go round. Money makes the world go round. We’ve probably heard both phrases at some point in our lives.

Maybe both do exactly that. Love and money … not to be confused with the Scottish rock band Love and Money (I admit I didn’t know this ’80s musical group, but I found the name on Wikipedia so I figured I’d share).

I came to this line of thinking while putting the finishing touches on this issue of Waco Today.

It is our Women in Business edition where we highlight women business owners in Waco. We have a car dealership owner, a skin treatment entrepreneur, a fire and security business co-owner and others.

But February is also the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day. One of our features looks at the four married couples who run businesses in the new Mary Avenue Market building along downtown Sixth Street. I thought it might be worthwhile to explore that dynamic while introducing readers to these new shops.

Plus, we still get that “Women in Business” angle covered in their stories. Love and money … at least money in the sense that we want businesses to turn a profit and be successful. That’s what any economy needs.

I applaud couples who can make working together work. That’s a special combination. I can’t imagine spending an entire day toiling alongside my wife, then going home and we’re still in the same place together.

Don’t misunderstand. I love my wife immensely (don’t let her tell you otherwise), but we’re different people. That’s obvious when we come home and watch TV. While we can find common ground in enjoying ABC’s Wednesday night comedies and “Law & Order: SVU” is a habit, otherwise she’s watching “The Crown” and Hallmark Channel movies, while I am catching up on “The X-Files” and “Black Mirror.”

Different tastes. Sometimes really different.

What’s fun about these Mary Avenue business owners is how they’ve formed sort of a second family among themselves. I had stopped at Fox and Gray, the clothing boutique, to visit with owner Summer Herriage when Pie Peddlers owner brought in Summer’s 2-year-old son Jameson with some milk she gave him from her pie shop. That satisfied him greatly. And Errol Moorhouse from Iron Willow lent a hand to Chris Atkin as he was getting GoodTimber Furnishings ready for customers.

I like these kinds of stories, and it’s great to be able to share them with you.

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