In today’s world of texts, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it’s not difficult to stay at least moderately connected and up-to-date with friends and family all over the globe.

However, I love Christmas cards, that annual end-of-year check-in that at least says, “Hey, I’m thinking about you. Hope all is well.” I even enjoy the Christmas letter from Uncle Bob and Aunt Judy that lists every highlight or trip taken in the past year.

Problem is, I usually stink at getting my own cards out on time, if I even do them at all. I know I’m not the only one who’s busy; that time for sending cards seems to slip away. There’s been a couple of years that I figured if I at least put in the cards in the mail between Christmas and New Year’s I’m technically still in the holiday season. Am I right? Come on, show of hands if you’ve thought or done the same thing.

We have a fun story this month about a Waco couple that really gets into their Christmas cards. This will be the 30th and final year that Bob and Betty Gianella have sent out a fun card to friends and family. Betty puts a lot of thought and effort into doing each year’s card, which includes a photo shoot by their daughter. She also incorporates a Bible verse that relates to the theme with each one.

Betty said friends have told her they can’t wait to receive the Gianella Christmas card each year. But the 2017 card will be the last themed one they do, Betty said, citing age and health issues that make doing the cards a challenge. I’d say 30 years is a pretty good run.

You’ll get a sense of their Christmas card humor in the story, written by Betty, which begins on page 32.

As we did last year, in the December issue we unveil our choice for Person of the Year. As you saw on the cover, it’s Jimmy Dorrell, the executive director of Mission Waco.

That’s twice now in 2017 that he has been on the cover of Waco Today. Our February issue had Jimmy and his wife, Janet, on the cover as we recognized their 25 years of service and love in leading Mission Waco.

Dorrell was an “honorable mention” choice for Person of the Year in 2016, primarily for pulling together community partners and creating the Jubilee Market so that people in that neighborhood could have healthy food options.

You might think that with 25 years already invested in the Waco community, it might be time for him to ease off the gas pedal. But if you assume that, you don’t know Dorrell. This year Mission Waco added its Urban REAP aquaponics facility behind the Jubilee Market, expanding the ways it helps the community.

Congrats, Jimmy. The honor is well earned.

Here’s to making a better effort at sending out those Christmas cards on time this year. Gee, that sounds like a New Year’s resolution. Better not get ahead of myself.

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