DEAR HELOISE: In your column, ask the people who deliver packages to please ring the doorbell when they leave the packages on the porch.

There has been much publicity about packages being stolen from porches, so one would think the deliverer would ring the bell in case someone is at home to pick up the package right away. It is quicker to knock (which we don’t hear unless we’re near the door) or just leave the package.

To help stem package theft, package delivery people should ring the doorbell. — Sally H., Salem, Oregon

Good safety hint; thank you for writing in! — Heloise

DEAR HELOISE: My husband and I were moving a TV from one room to another, and he was concerned about how to hook up the television after removing all of the cords.

I suggested that he take a picture with his phone of the proper placement of cords, and it helped him hook the television back up in the new room. This strategy also would work for computer cords. — Cyndi R., Colorado Springs, Colorado

DEAR HELOISE: When I know that a weather-related power outage is possible, I turn the temperature of my refrigerator and its freezer compartment to the coldest setting until the threat has passed. — Mary H., Arlington, Virginia

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