No record book was safe from their destruction.

The stereotype of today’s millennials, or those in Generation Z, is that they’re lazy and self-absorbed, with their faces always staring at their phones, oblivious to the world passing by around them.

As soon as the ball soared over the wall, Braxton Ashcraft went airborne after he rounded first base.

Lorena, Texas, isn’t the largest metropolis in the world by any stretch. Roughly 1,700 people live within the city limits – hard-working, passionate, competitive people.

Our picks for the best of Central Texas high school athletes, dating back to 1967.

For the athlete, it helps if you can move fast, but even deeper value resides in the ability to think fast.

The eyes are always moving, the ears attuned to their surroundings.

Despite her name, there is no mystique – no mystery or intrigue – about Marlin’s sophomore sensation.

Robinson coach Tommy Allison has a lot of great memories from over two decades of coaching football.

Meet the best of the best on the Tribune-Herald’s 62nd annual Super Centex Football Team.

Live Oak junior Chase Hill has always looked up to his older brother Calvin. You know, in a “looking up so I can knock him down” kind of way.

Allye Beth Deaton possesses enough natural athletic ability that she could have excelled at whatever sport she chose. She’s got kind of adaptability.

There’s certainly no shortage of standout athletes across Texas, considering the sheer number of massive schools that make up the landscape in the larger cities.

All along the path of a student-athlete’s life, people offer help. Parents and teachers provide guidance, teammates and classmates may lend encouragement.

Some baseball players have a quiet demeanor on the field, delaying their emotions until the final out is called.

When it came to handling the clutch, Maddison Kettler proved automatic.

Even after a two-year span with jaw-dropping statistics, Ernesto Hernandez still has his sights set on loftier goals.

With her curly blond hair and dimples, Kayley Ables doesn’t look intimidating at first or even second glance. If you looked at her and were trying to guess her nickname, you’d probably lean toward Blondie or something in the sugar-and-spice department.

Just because you can do it all on your own doesn’t mean you should. Through a simple act of self-sacrifice by their best player, the Coolidge Yellowjackets profited with the best basketball season in school history.

Great coaches and players have a curious symbiotic relationship. It’s much like the chicken and the egg. Is the coach successful because of his athlete’s talent or is the player elite because they have a great coach? The likely conclusion is that each would have been good on their own, but b…

WEST — There are times when a sporting event becomes more than a game. It usually happens after some tragedy and is representative of a group overcoming adversity.

When you’re a football coach in Texas and you win a state championship, your cellphone tends to blow up with congratulatory text messages.

Jacob Pavelka’s home address is not 219 South Third Street in Abbott, Texas. But it might as well be.

If there was any doubt about the type of effort expected from Midway on every play, Allye Beth Deaton shattered it early in the season.

As an athlete at a small school, there’s not much time for rest.

Chances are if Mikeal Parsons or Caitlynn Stone were finishing up an event, they were about to be on their way to the next one.

On most successful baseball teams, there are players the younger ones look up to and emulate.

Some first impressions last longer than others. Countless introductions are forgettable, for it’s hard to dazzle at first glance.

Ernesto Hernandez traveled far and wide to reach his adopted hometown of Gatesville. Hernandez was born in Mexico, which is where his affinity for the game of soccer took root.

Whenever Kennedy Miller stepped on the soccer field this season, she had a shadow following her. Often two shadows. Miller attracted defenders like an A-list celebrity draws paparazzi.

As the classic basketball film Hoosiers illustrates, the goal is 10 feet high no matter where you play.

You can’t teach 6-foot-4. A player can’t be coached to grow six more inches. That’s God-given, genetic makeup stuff.

CLIFTON — When it starts hurting, when the pain settles in, that’s when the fight grows hardest.

After a key district win over Crawford in October, Mart coach Rusty Nail was asked to describe his star quarterback De’Nerian Thomas. “Wow,” was all Nail could say.

Whenever Blum needed a big play, coach John McFarlin put Riley Stone in position to make it.

If everybody loves an underdog, then Robinson was certainly a fan favorite this season.