The Texas High School Women’s Powerlifting Association held its state powerlifting meet in the Waco Extraco Events Center on Friday and Saturday. Thirteen Central Texas high schools had 44 girls qualify for and participate in the event.


Moody’s Beth Bounds walked away with a state championship in the 220-pound weight class after squatting 425 pounds, putting up 195 pounds on the bench press and deadlifting 365 pounds for a total of 985.

The Lady Bearcats had three others finish their events and one athlete who bombed out. Amanda Hubbard received a bronze medal in the 105-pound weight class after performing a 225-pound squat, 145-pound bench press and 280-pound dead lift for a total of 650. Chassie Fisher earned a fourth place finish in the 123-pound weight class with a 305-pound squat, 135 on the bench and 270 deadlift for a total of 710. Liz Perkins just missed the top five but finished in sixth place in the 97-pound weight class. Perkins squatted 190 pounds, benched 110 and executed a 200-pound deadlift for a total of 500. Moody earned sixth place overall in the 1A-2A competition.


The West Lady Trojan powerlifting team sent two athletes to state and brought back two top-5 finishes. Kyndall Hoelscher earned fourth place in the 181-pound weight class after squatting 400 pounds, getting 210 pounds on the bench press and digging deep for a 360-pound deadlift and a total of 970. Amber Pavelka competed in the 132-pound class and was good enough for fifth place. Pavelka squatted 325-pounds, bench pressed 160 and got up a 315-pound deadlift. West finished 24 th in the state.


Connally had a good day Friday. The Lady Cadets had four girls qualify and all finished. Alexandrea Nall finished second in the state for the 148-pound weight class with a total of 925. Kenzee Gerick earned a seventh place finish in the 97-pound class, Brittany Carter placed 12 th in the 165 class and Casey Rice finished an inspirational 13 th place after returning from an significant hip injury. The Lady Cadets finished in 16 th place as a team.


The Midway Pantherettes sent two athletes to state. Erica Mancha earned an eighth place finish in the 181-pound class getting 340 pounds in the squat, 150 on the bench and 340 in the dead lift for a 830 total.

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