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“He had that ‘get on my shoulder’ mentality,” his head coach said. “He just took over the game.”

Defenders can’t get a clean shot on him. They always seem to miss when going after Jaquorian Johnson.

A week ago under the Friday night lights, Devin Wilson launched a 55-yard pass that Clay Richters hauled in at the back of the end zone. It wasn’t ruled a touchdown, though, as a referee said Richters bobbled the ball and didn’t have full possession before going out of bounds. Whitney coach Kenneth Gilchrist argued that the referee wasn’t in position.

MART — In district play alone last season, Mart whipped its competition by a combined score of 250-43. The Panthers throttled their foes by an average of 41.4 points. Their closest district contest was against Bosqueville in a match-up the Panthers won, 26-21.

Over the past several years, NFL knockout pools — sometimes called eliminator challenges — have grown in popularity.