Midway’s Malachi Barron (20) stretches for a basket against Temple. The Midway Panthers are off to a school record 13-0 start under new head coach Brad Chasteen.

Courtesy of Midway High School

You can’t gauge how someone is going to react in a tough situation until, well, they’re right in the middle of it.

Then you know.

First-year Midway boys basketball coach Brad Chasteen found out just a few games into the season, when his team got into a brawl with University during a game at Midway on Nov. 29.

And it was how Chasteen reacted afterward that might be the most telling thing about his team and its school record, 13-0 start headed into Tuesday’s home game against Vista Ridge.

He didn’t lash out at his team. He didn’t lash out at University.

“What happened was unfortunate, no way around it,” Chasteen said. “But I want to make one thing really clear, and that’s that University and us, we’re on the same team in the bigger picture. We want to help grow basketball in this part of Texas, and whatever happened is in the past.”

“I look forward to playing them again, because it’s what is in the best interest of basketball in this part of the state. No bad blood between us, because we’re here for the bigger picture.”

Chasteen’s moving-on mentality is part of an early-season resurrection for Midway, which went 20-15 last season and has benefited from Chasteen, who spent 16 years at Coppell before spending the last four seasons coaching private school basketball.

“This just felt like the right move for me,” Chasteen said. “Just seemed like the place I needed to be.”

The Panthers have been led by the play of a trio of seniors – 6-foot-4 Xavier Armstead leads the team with 16.0 points to go with 6.0 rebounds, 6-3 Malachi Barron averages 15.0 points and 8.0 rebounds and Bubba Furlong averages 12 points and 9.0 rebounds.

“They’ve been putting in the hard work, doing the right things,” Chasteen said. “Now that football season is over, we’re hoping we can get some more eyes on our team and what we’ve been doing.”

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