Baylor West Virginia

Nuni Omot’s brother, Aba, (left) and father, Kwot, watch from the stands during Baylor’s basketball game against West Virginia on Tuesday.

Staff photo — Rod Aydelotte

Nuni Omot’s father, Kwot, watched his son play basketball for the first time Tuesday night when Baylor faced West Virginia at the Ferrell Center.

Kwot and Nuni reunited for the first time in more than 21 years Sunday. A video of the father and son hugging each other drew a big roar from the crowd when it was shown in the first half.

“I was very excited and crying,” Kwot said. “I’ve been carrying a picture of Nuni as a child since the last time I saw him in Nairobi.”

Nuni, his mother Pillow, and older brother Aba left a Kenyan refugee camp in 1996 to move to the United States. But Kwot had to stay behind because of medical issue and didn’t arrive in the United States until November 2016.

Kwot and Aba traveled from Minnesota to watch the game at the Ferrell Center.

"It was very emotional obviously since I hadn’t seen him in 21 years," Nuni said. "It was the first time him ever seeing me play and I had a lot of emotions. It’s been his dream to see me in general, but just to have him here meant the world to me."

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