Linebacker Eric Ogor is one of several “Game of Thrones” fans on the BU football team.

Staff photo — Rod Aydelotte

He’s not an ogre by any stretch.

Baylor sophomore linebacker Eric Ogor – his surname is pronounced OH-gor — is actually a sweet guy, with varied interests. And he’s fast becoming a person of interest on the Baylor defense. After playing sparingly last year as a redshirt freshman, Ogor is starting to come into his own as a starter for the Bears. He made four tackles last week against Duke, including a sack and another tackle for loss. His total of two sacks on the year is tied for second on the team.

But instead of talking football, the Trib met with Ogor this week to discuss his favorite childhood toy, the TV show he can’t help but binge watch and other fun topics.

How many times has your name been mispronounced over the years?

I mean, if I had a dollar for every time I’d probably be rich. It’s a lot of times, but it’s more fun to see how people try to say it. I kind of just let people say it themselves. I’m 20 years old, once you’re about 10 everybody says it differently. It’s more interesting, like, ‘Oh, he didn’t get it wrong.’

Did you get a lot of nicknames?

Ogre, O-gar, Shrek, all that stuff. You get over it after a while.

What was your favorite toy when you were growing up?

Game Boy. Silver Pokemon on Game Boy. I loved Suicune. I was a Pokemon fan when I was little.

Did you play the heck out of that game?

Whaaaat? Played it under the lights. You remember, the screen didn’t light up, so I had a little candle under the (sheets) until mama walked in and stuff. I was up playing the game.

If you were to binge watch a show, what would it be?

Game of Thrones. On the real. Game of Thrones.

So, you’re really into it?

I’ve seen it twice already. The new seasons and all, seen it twice.

Who else on the team is in to Game of Thrones? Do you talk about it?

Everybody, the coaches, everybody. We’re all into Game of Thrones. The Monday after Game of Thrones, we’re all talking, ‘Did you see that? Daenerys did what?’ It’s really a good show. It’s more fun that the coaches watch it too, because it’s something outside of football that we can talk to them about.

I know y’all do team activities like playing ping pong, that kind of thing. Are you much of a ping pong player?

I suck at ping pong. I’m not going to lie. But whenever Coach (Matt) Rhule gets talking, I’m going to play him, regardless. I’m a competitor. I’m going to lose, regardless, but he’s not fixing to talk to me all crazy.

What’s been your favorite team-bonding activity?

Just remembering that outside of football, we’re still a team. That’s really the most fun part of it. It doesn’t matter if we’re bowling, have game night in the facilities. It’s all about being around our teammates. That’s really what I felt like boosted us this year.

Everybody is OK with being with each other. There will be times after practice or after meetings that we’re all just sitting in the meeting rooms, just talking, eating, having fun. I feel like that really helps the team, knowing that we’ve got you outside of the field as well. I know certain times a linebacker will come to us about personal problems. We’ll all sit around and give him feedback — you should do this or this. It’s all about being a family outside of the team.

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