Running smack dab into Bravvion Roy would not be advised.

Baylor coach Matt Rhule was pleased with the way his defensive line, particularly the interior linemen, performed in last week’s loss to UTSA. “We were wreaking havoc up the middle, in terms of the run game,” Rhule said.

Roy is coming along as a havoc-wreaker. After playing sparingly as a freshman last season, the 6-foot-1, 320-pound defensive tackle from Spring has taken over a starting role this season. Through two games, he has piled up five tackles while occasionally occupying the attention of multiple blockers.

But could he survive in the wilderness? We posed this question and others to the big, bearded defensive warrior this week.

If you were to go on American Idol, America’s Got Talent or Survivor, which of those three would you fit in the best?

Survivor, most definitely.

What would make you a good contestant on Survivor?

I’m big, I know what to do, I’ve been in the trenches before. I come from a rough, rough part of the neighborhood, so I’ll get the job done. I’ll kill me some animals, whatever it takes.

Would you ever want to live outdoors like that?

I mean, if that’s what it takes, I’ll get it done.

A lot of you big guys have good beards. If you guys were to have a beard-growing contest …

I’d most definitely win. Most definitely.

When did you first start shaving?

Seventh grade.

What’s your guilty pleasure food?

Guilty pleasure food, I’m going to say corn dogs.

You ever been to the State Fair and had a corny dog?

Nah, I haven’t been to the State Fair in a minute.

Do you go with mustard or ketchup?

I go with ketchup. Most definitely.

Away from the field, what do you do to relax?

Just relax. Sit in bed and watch movies. I mean, stay focused. I don’t go out very often, unless it’s with the guys, playing dominoes or something. But I do everything to stay out of trouble, and focus on the future.

Dominoes-wise, what’s your game … 42, Chicken Foot?

Just regular dominoes. I’m pretty decent.

Who else on the team can play dominoes?

I’m going to say Mike Johnson and Verkedric (Vaughns).

Do those games get intense?

Oh, yeah. Real competitive. All day, talking trash back and forth. We do 2-on-2 tournaments, all kinds of stuff.

You mentioned that the team likes to go out on different outings. What’s been your favorite one of those?

When we went bowling. I’m not real big on bowling, but I’ve really gotten good, and I’d really like to go again.

Cool, what was your high score?

(Laughing) Oh, I don’t want to talk about that.

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