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Baylor defensive end Greg Roberts (52) blocked a field goal attempt earlier this season against UTSA.

Staff photo — Jerry Larson, file

Football is in the blood of Greg Roberts.

Baylor’s fourth-year junior defensive end likes to mix it up in the trenches, just like his father before him. Greg Roberts Sr. was an offensive lineman for Barry Switzer at Oklahoma, and the winner of the 1978 Outland Trophy as the top interior lineman in the country.

Roberts is finding a way to make his own impact for the Bears. Last week against Texas, he earned his second start of the season and responded with a tackle, a pass breakup and a blocked field goal. In fact, Roberts has two blocked kicks on the season, which is tied for first in the country along with 14 other players.

With his man bun perfectly aloft, Roberts took a timeout after practice this week to answer some fun questions from the Trib.

You have some great hair. How did that look develop?

Shout out to Mom and Dad. I don’t know, a girl taught me how to deep condition and take care of it, the whole nine. So that’s what I’ve been doing since sophomore year.

If you guys as a team were to have a contest for best hair …

Oh, I’m winning it. All day. I think at the Big 12 thing, the seniors said I had the best hair, so it’s not even a competition.

What about a beard-growing contest?

See, I haven’t been peepin’ the beard so much, but I’ve got a nice one of those, too. I feel like I’ve got to be in that competition. I’m trying to think – we had a few good ones last year, but I don’t know about this year. I might have it.

We just had Halloween. When you were a kid, were you into Halloween, was that a big holiday for you?

Yeah, we would always go to the big neighborhoods, go get all the candy. The good stuff. It was nice memories, but being grown, I’ve got to stay in and go to work.

What would be your guilty pleasure candy?

Oh, my favorite candy by far is Sour Gummy Worms. Sour anything, but Sour Gummy Worms is where it’s at.

Do you remember what your favorite costume was?

I think the most memorable one I had, I think I was a jester, a scary joker-type thing. Or the Superman when I was, like, five. Those were my best memories.

Do you get into the super hero movies?

Oh, yes. I’m waiting for Justice League to come out. Patiently waiting for that.

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