Devin Chafin


Baylor head football coach Art Briles said Tuesday that second-string running back Devin Chafin would not likely practice for the rest of the spring, but that he expects Chafin to be back with the team next year.

Chafin was arrested on drug charges in Oklahoma last week after being pulled over for speeding while returning from a spring break trip to Colorado. Police found marijuana and an open bottle of alcohol in Chafin’s vehicle.

“He’ll be back,” Briles said. “It’s his first offense in over a four-year period, and he had some bad judgment, just like a lot of us do. He picked a bad time to do it. … It’s about representing yourself, your family, the Baylor community and making wise decisions. He’s remorseful, but there will also be some punishment phases that go along with the remorse.”

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