Baylor Bears: 2 views

I met Mrs. Rhule the other night. She and [Baylor Bears head football coach] Matt Rhule have three kids, ages 12, 4 and 2. They’re lovely people. I remember when my dad came to Baylor University, my sisters and I were 5, 8 and 12. It’s hard on a family to step into the fire like that. Baylor was terrible at the time. They had won three games in five years or something like that. No one wanted the Baylor job but my mom and dad felt called to come.

This brings me back to the Rhule Family. They chose us — they chose to leave a rising Temple program that he totally rebuilt because they felt called to Baylor. Called to rebuild the football program and called to restore our good name. The first couple of games were tough — I’m not going to lie. This is hard on everyone. I hate seeing my dad hurting. And like many of you, I keep telling myself: It’s just a game, right?

Some perspective: Baylor lost practically two full recruiting classes and this is a total rebuild of not only players but of Baylor football culture. This will take some time. Let’s not forget: Just two years ago, ESPN and countless others in the media were calling for Baylor to drop football or at least be kicked out of the Big 12. This was not a coveted job.

We can turn on one another and Coach Rhule and tear one another apart — or we can walk through this together. There is a reason we are in this position. It’s no longer productive to point fingers. Baylor is about a lot more than winning football games. We say we represent Jesus. Let’s try to do that and support and love this team through this. Not one coach or player on that field had anything to do with the scandals. Rebuilding takes patience, perseverance and a positive attitude.

Sounds trite but it’s just true. We will get there. Coach Rhule is the right man to do it. I still believe. Hang in there, Baylor Family. It’s not a quick fix. Sic’em.

Layne Teaff Pittman, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ms. Pittman is the daughter of former Baylor football coach Grant Teaff. He was 128-105-6 at Baylor during his 22 years there, 83-74-4 in the Southwest Conference and 4-4 in bowl games.


Well, [fired Baylor head football coach] Art Briles and all of the previous coaches are gone. I’m sure many at Baylor University are happy. I’m also sure all of the Big 12 coaches are thrilled! They don’t have a worry when they play Baylor and they now get players who will not come to Baylor because the old coaches are gone. So tell me, Baylor. What are you going to enjoy watching the next many years? Nothing — like before.

Jean Dixon, Hewitt

A few good ideas

Oh, if only Washington would heed the advice of Trib contributor and local pastor Glynn Beaty in his Sept. 9 column, “Some new ideas would help.”

Such good logic!

Nita Dietzman, McGregor