There goes the judge!

I often think I’ve seen and heard everything — and then there’s more! I’m at a loss for words concerning the recusal of District Judge Ralph Strother from several trials of Twin Peaks bikers because the “average man on the street” might not like it. Since when did we start basing legal decisions on this statement? Oh, I just did think of two words to describe this ludicrous mess — appalling and disgusting!

If there has ever been a judge anywhere who is fair and impartial, it is Judge Strother. All the Bosque County judge who recused him could think to say was how much regard he has for Judge Strother — while then stabbing his integrity in the back. Politics is the main theme of today’s world. However, Republicans vs. Democrats, conservatives vs. liberals and any other division among us pales in light of this divisive decision.

Among those who know Ralph Strother, this Bosque County judge and Houston attorney Casie Gotro, who represents Bandidos Dallas chapter president Christopher Carrizal, are now the laughingstock of the day. Anyone who knows Strother should sound off publicly about his integrity and fairness.

And, oh, yes, Judge Morgan, how many average men (What? No women?) on the street did you interview before making your decision? Actually, the “man on the street” probably doesn’t know what you are talking about because he/she has better things to do in life. Go home, Ms. Gotro, and leave a judge who has the utmost integrity to do his job alone. No more speedy trials here, Ms. Gotro.

Sarilee Ferguson, Waco

* * *

In light of the publicity surrounding the Twin Peaks cases of late, I want to take the opportunity to say how fortunate we are to have Ralph Strother as a judge. I first got to know Ralph when we worked together as prosecutors in the district attorney’s office and tried cases together. Afterward he became the judge of the 19th District Court.

I tried a number of cases in his court representing the state as a prosecutor. I knew based on his integrity that when I came into his court he would not make rulings that favored me because of our acquaintance or because I represented the state. As he proved over the years, he would make his rulings on one thing only — what he thought was right based on the law and doing justice. That is something I deeply appreciated. And the recent controversy does not alter my opinion.

From long experience working with him and trying cases in his court, I can state with certainty that we could not have a better man as judge of the 19th District Court.

Crawford Long, Waco

Statue of limitations

I have one simple question: Why were these offending Confederate statues not removed during President Obama’s eight-year term as president? I know why, do you? God save us from ourselves.

Bess Tucker, Waco