Surveys & stereotypes

I write in regard to “Baylor research eyes Trump voters’ values,” published Sept. 5. This article is not to be taken as anti-Trump rhetoric alone. One of the more offensive terms used is “Trump voter” rather than “Trump supporter.”

I personally have never missed an election in more than 50 years of voting. For the first time in my life I voted against someone rather than for a candidate. I strongly considered not voting. I have many friends and acquaintances who felt the same way. I suspect many thousands of “Trump voters” found themselves in the same conundrum.

Most likely, all of the Baylor survey authors here were actual Clinton supporters — hardly a scientific perspective from which to write this piece. Their “incivility” label may to some degree be true of the president in how he managed his campaign but it was matched by the arrogant and absolutely inappropriate ways in which Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton handled the security measures entrusted to her as secretary of state. This conclusion can be found in her own words and the conclusion of then-FBI director James Comey. Other concerns about her trustworthiness abound as well.

The overall implication is that voters for Trump have personality and character traits that should be unwelcome in this country. It reflects poorly on the attitudes and mind-set of many voters who felt presented with the worst options ever placed before a voter. A review of 1,500 random adults is hardly scientific evidence of the American voter personality, at least as I understand the term “science.” And as a person who was faced with such a limited choice of candidates, I am insulted to be considered an uncivil hater — even by Baylor professors.

Keith E. Dowell, MD, Waco

* * *

Now Baylor researchers have interviewed and analyzed Trump voters and are telling us why we voted for him. That’s all well and good. We now know how we feel — how, because we are against same-sex marriage and embrace Christian values, we obviously hate gays. We must hate all Muslims because for some reason we are worried about an Islamic movement out to destroy us.

I am looking forward to seeing an analysis of people who voted for Hillary Clinton. Do the majority of voters believe it’s OK to destroy property? To loot and jump on people who believe differently than them? What is the percentage who are OK with someone representing them wanting to blow up the White House? Who thinks it’s OK to march in the streets wanting dead cops? How many are OK with sitting down when the National Anthem is played? How about burning the flag? I’ll bet the percentage of Trump voters would be against most of these things.

I’ll be waiting to see this survey come out, but I won’t hold my breath.

Jerry Willett, Lorena