Russians & Republicans

I’ve watched the evolution of the news media since the days of FDR. Bill Whitaker’s Feb. 1 column [“Will GOP memo caper on FBI make your toes curl?”] is another example of this convoluted journey. He seems to have discovered a pattern of propaganda new to this day and time: “...all of this also raises alarming questions about the judgment and discipline of Republican lawmakers who seem so eager to protect their president and their power in Congress that they will desperately encourage scurrilous, possibly unsubstantiated claims attacking federal law enforcement.” It is, in fact, alarming. What’s more alarming is the turmoil in seeking the actual truth that has occurred over the last several generations. The party in power has almost always been in control of the media.

With the Internet explosion, absolute truth on both sides of the issues is frequently obscured. We now call propaganda “spin.” As a fan of “The X-Files,” I subscribe to the “truth-is-out-there’’ theme. The task is to find it. Till the State of the Union address becomes more than a schoolyard fight, we will have a hard time knowing the state of our union. Evidence of polarization becomes more and more damning.

Many years ago, it was stated: “The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” That’s Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. And each time we engage in self-destructive activities, the more rope we buy.

Pat Stroman, Woodway


President Trump once said absolutely no one from his campaign met with Russians. In confirmation hearings in January 2017, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Congress emphatically he never met with Russians during the campaign. In March 2017 we learned he met twice with the Russians. The attorney general lied under oath to Congress. In March, Sessions confessed he met with Russians but never discussed Trump campaign matters.

In July more reports came to light of phone intercepts of the Russian ambassador calling superiors to tell them of two conversations with Sessions discussing campaign matters. Former Gen. Michael Flynn was caught lying to the FBI, again through phone intercepts with Russians . Trump tried to get FBI director James Comey to call off the investigation of Flynn. Comey made notes and told several people of the encounter with Trump. Jared Kushner lied about contacts with the Russians and Chinese. Trump tried to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Many of these lies were caught through FBI surveillance. The FBI is doing its job to protect America.

Through baseless attacks, four of six people who knew of Comey and Trump’s meeting are gone, replaced or reassigned. Trump and congressional Republicans seek to discredit the FBI and its findings. Obstruction of justice? You betcha!

Randy Broussard, Belton