Waco hospitality

Over the last several days, we have been stuck in Waco trying to get away from Harvey. While we were there, we experienced a few unexpected acts of kindness. While at H-E-B on Wooded Acres, we were waiting in line making conversation with a lady and she asked where we were from. We told her that we were evacuees. When she was leaving she handed me a gift card. We were so touched.

The next morning we were at Shipley’s Donuts on Valley Mills and the lady at the counter happened to ask where we were from. Once again we told her we were escaping the storm and she gave us a dozen donuts on her.

It may not seem like much to others but just the idea of someone helping a complete stranger was very touching. Thank you, Waco, for your hospitality.

Lisa Davis, Edna (Jackson County)

2 Davids, 2 views

Thank you so much for your explanation of the “two Davids” [Waco-based David Schleicher, London-based David Gallagher) and their reasons for the columns they write for the Trib. I haven’t laughed that much in a long, long time. It’s now on my refrigerator door. As possibly the only other liberal in Waco, I deeply appreciate their humor and find it hard to believe anyone cannot see their columns for what they are — a breath of fresh air.

I also saved their most recent column on the support group for ex-Trump employees and put it with John Young’s column on what happens when people say the “S” word (snow) in Waco. It seems we have all lost our sense of humor between the never-ending presidential campaign and the last few months of Trumpisms. We are having enough problems in Texas with the weather. Hurricane Trump’s visit last week didn’t help anyone.

Janet Smith, Waco

* * *

For two Saturdays in a row, I have been offended by the attempts at humor by the two above-named individuals printed on your opinion page. I am sure some people like what they write but, be advised, there are many, many of us who are not Trump haters and who do resent the constant effort on the part of the media in general to portray the president of the United States in any kind of unflattering way they can imagine. These two, with their lame attempts at humor, do offend us.

I believe, in the next election cycle, you folks in the media are going to be surprised how little all of your Trump-bashing has achieved. I think the answer will be that you do not have anything close to the support you think you have. Being primarily of Irish descent, I choose to end with a limerick that struck me about the two Davids:

Two Davids who write for the Trib

Using snarky sarcasm and fib-

Which one is the worst?

Both frequently cursed

For feeble attempts to be glib!

Lester Beaird, Waco