Hey, buttercup

Like many people, I’m sorry for the way this country is behaving. This election showed us many things, not the least of which is how the American people feel. I see all this protesting of our president-elect that Democrats are supporting and it makes me laugh as sad as it may be. I guess that “When they go low we go high” was just talk.

People should learn the news media do not elect the president. Neither do the pollsters. Neither does social media. I would like to think we could all get behind our new president. Things will be OK, as it always has been. Remember: Attacks by the media have contributed very little, nor did the polls.

I don’t get the strife you Democrats are going through that would make you fall down crying, going into therapy, protesting, etc. I lost when Bill Clinton became president (twice) and Barack Obama became president (twice). I learned to live with it because I voted and that’s simply how it turned out. Donald Trump may be unruly at times, but he has a lot more class than most of the whiners out there who just can’t live with it.

Sorry for your loss, but do what I did and it will get better — just live with it since no matter how hard you protest, it won’t change a thing. Since it’s obvious most of you don’t understand the Electoral College, read what it’s about and why it’s there. I can’t do anything about our education system that has college kids acting like 2-year-olds because they didn’t get their way. Maybe their professors are idiots and so far out of touch they didn’t get it either.

Suck it up, buttercup. Put on your big-girl panties and let’s make America great again!

Lloyd Coffman, Hewitt

Hail the hackers!

Who cares who hacked Democratic National Committee emails, whether Russians, Chinese, the Mafia, British intelligence or American hackers? What gets my attention is that no Democrat has said any of the emails are false.

But for Edward Snowden, who many want to prosecute, we would not know that the National Security Agency was hacking all Americans’ phone calls — not just the suspected terrorists!

Jim Cantrell, Axtell

Hook, line, sinker

I love country folks, but at times I am truly dismayed at their ignorance and naivete. Many red states are sparsely inhabited farming communities. Yet, because of a set of circumstances, these states made the difference in Donald Trump’s winning the election. Too many of them listened to Trump’s rhetoric and lies and half-truths and fell for it. His staff bailed him out time and again, explaining to us what he really meant (except that it didn’t work on me). Fiction became Trump’s facts.

Those folks who got Trump into the White House are now buying underwear that supposedly doesn’t sweat or stink. Why? Because the ad told them so.

God help us!

Gunter Bogaush, Eddy