Another view

Regarding longtime Clinton attorney David Kendall’s column on the special counsel [“Leave Mueller investigation alone to finish its work,” Jan. 4], I wish he would be honest about some of his facts. A U.S. government employee can certainly have private comments on politics but not on government property, not on government phones, not on government email. It is not legal under the Hatch Act and is generally not allowed under agency policy. Nothing is private on phones or email owned by the government.

Mr. Kendall is most likely familiar with the Anthrax investigation and Mr. Mueller’s botched investigation. Surely, as a keen lawyer, he is aware Mueller violated the constitutional rights of someone he and James Comey targeted. This resulted in $6.5 million in taxpayer money being paid out for their corrupt activity. Mr. Mueller was a good Marine but I’ve seen many falter and become less than honorable later in life. In my opinion, Mr. Mueller engaged in corrupt activity as FBI director and should never have had another job remotely connected to the government. For folks like Kendall and former Clinton prosecutor Ken Starr [“Time for Congress to step up in Trump-Russia investigation,” Dec. 28] to praise Mueller makes me think both are putting their own knowledge of Mueller’s corrupt and dishonorable actions out of the picture.

Honestly, I have yet to see facts regarding any Russian activity in our elections. I have not seen any data directly showing actions by Russia. All I have heard and read is speculation and someone’s opinion on the subject. Show me the proof that Russia hacked anything. All we seem to know is that some hacking attempt came from a server in Russia. Well, that is so very simple to do and almost impossible to find the source... other than its being from a server in Russia.

I am by no means supporting Russia, as my experiences tell me for sure who they are. You just cannot characterize something as collusion when you have no proof whatsoever. I won’t state the old saying about opinions here but it’s true.

Stephen Williams, Hewitt

Whose choice?

One of the less intense fronts of the abortion battle is vehicle license plates. The pro-life side has won approval in 30 states. The message for all is “Choose Life” with some quite graphic.

At last, the nation’s abortion leader, Planned Parenthood, won approval in one state. Nebraska supporters of “choice” can fork over $70 and have a license with Planned Parenthood’s name and the message “MY BODY. MY CHOICE.”

Abortion supporters have never been proficient in science. An MRI for a pregnant woman shows two human bodies. The scientifically correct proclamation would be OUR BODIES. MY CHOICE.

John Pisciotta, Director,

Pro-Life Waco