New landfill open!

As reported, the current city landfill will be at capacity in the near future. It appears a new landfill has started along Greenleaf Drive between Lake Shore Drive and Brannon/Green Point Drive. It has become Beer Can Alley — primarily from beer and wine bottles but including also smokeless tobacco, jalapeño cheese sandwiches, multiple potato chips and candy bar packages, Whataburger, CEFCO, Shipley Do-Nuts and Subway packages with uneaten food still in them. So far 25-ounce Texas Bud Lite cans are the most popular items dumped.

It took two mornings (it was 100 degrees the first day) and two 30-gallon trash bags to clean it all up. By the second morning, more litter had been dumped on the just-cleaned south side of Greenleaf. Bordered by two deep creek beds, there was litter that could not be accessed without some serious thinning of vegetation. It’s hoped the city will designate some time and funds to clean the right-of-way along Greenleaf so the creek bottoms are accessible for cleanup. Those of us living in Windmill Hill, the Woods and Greenleaf could use some help.

For those dumping their garbage along Greenleaf, I say this: Without respect for self, you will never be able to respect the environment or property belonging to others. Perhaps some of you witnessed the cleanup as you drove by. Your garbage has been picked up and property discarded.

Sadly, whoever you are, you won’t be reading this.

Jim Igleheart, Waco

Matter of religion

I firmly believe any religion that makes one a better person is a good religion. There are many people with different religions. Most religions seem to consider the abortion issue but say they have no position on it. Other religions oppose abortion. There’s nothing wrong with this opposition. The problem occurs when a person tries to force someone else to not have an abortion. That’s also when people who oppose abortion start trying to force someone else to abide by their religion.

Planned Parenthood has provided safe abortions for many years. To my knowledge, no one has ever died from an abortion at Planned Parenthood. Before Planned Parenthood, the only thing that could provide an abortion was a coat hanger. Unfortunately many ladies died as a result of such abortions.

To my knowledge, Pro-Life Waco officials have never been in a Planned Parenthood facility here in Waco. There are many other services this organization provides besides abortion. Perhaps someone ought to tell Pro-Life Waco about them so they can learn where the “core” of its mission really is.

As for letter-writer Susie Farley, besieged with criticism for her opinion, she is one of the nicest persons I know. She is intelligent and a very caring person. She has a religion of her own and adheres to it. We’re fortunate Susie is here in Waco.

Maurice Labens, Waco