FBI intrigue galore!

Regarding David Schleicher’s column on FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe: Yes, Mr. McCabe did take an oath to uphold the Constitution. In doing so, he is required to ensure that no American’s constitutional rights are violated by his actions. As Mr. Schleicher indicates, Mr. McCabe is a lawyer. I am sure Mr. McCabe is quite familiar with pleading the Fifth. He might well exercise that right as we move on with who at the FBI did what and when.

Mr. McCabe was dismissed by the FBI director prior to his retirement. We do not yet know if this means “fired” or “asked to resign” at this point. We only know that after a discussion between the Justice Department inspector general and Director Wray, McCabe is gone. It could be that the OIG informed the director of significant evidence resulting from email, texts, witness testimony and possibly a personal interview with McCabe.

Eventually, the OIG report will tell us all names of FBI and Justice Department players who conspired to change the election and violate the rights of many U.S. citizens. Ultimately, Mr. McCabe will have to answer to the people. This will most likely happen via a grand jury indictment.

Let us recall, too: Robert Mueller and James Comey were responsible for violating the constitutional rights of a citizen in a “botched” Anthrax investigation. It cost taxpayers $6.5 million and these two continued in government jobs. They never faced the music as they should have, based on their individual criminal acts.

Let’s see Mr. McCabe have his day in court. He does have the right to come out and tell us now all that he did that was unethical and illegal. I doubt he’ll go public at this point.

Stephen Williams, Hewitt

* * *

Regarding possible bias among FBI employees: There is such a thing as the Hatch Act. This bars public employees from engaging in partisan politics. However, it does not and cannot bar anyone from having private political opinions so long as they do not interfere with the performance of their duties. If the Hatch Act has been violated, by all means prosecute the wrongdoers. Otherwise, SHUT UP!

W. Richard Turner, Woodway

Tax cuts spur economy

If there’s one thing all Americans can agree upon, it is the need for a strong economy. Luckily, 2018 is off to a great start. Over the past year, we have seen an abundance of job creation and the Department of Labor just released a report saying average hourly earnings jumped nearly 3 percent in January. What do we have to thank? Tax cuts. Passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has unleashed a wave of prosperity that supports the job creators and the millions of Americans they employ. The tax bill has encouraged investment and promoted new opportunities, truly giving credit to the claim that Americans are dreamers too.

State Rep. Jason Saine, Lincolnton, North Carolina