Trump & environment

A brief reply to Alan Northcutt’s 10 charges, in the order he listed them, against Trump’s environmental policies [“10 ways Trump has hurt our planet in a year,” Jan 19]:

10. Science funding slashed: Trump has reduced the billions of dollars Obama gave to liberals who falsified data to try to prove global warming. Northcutt and the scientists no longer use the term “global warming” because they know their hoax has been exposed.

9. River protection ended: President Obama’s EPA was claiming the authority to regulate even the smallest ponds on farms and ranches, causing hardships for many. Trump has stopped this nonsense.

8. Pipelines greenlighted: Oil is going to be transported — we must have it. Pipelines are much safer than tanker trucks and railroad cars.

7. Climate experts lost: Some 770 EPA staff have quit because under Trump they were no longer able to bully and fine people to promote their ecological religion.

6. Clean power plan nixed: Obama tried to regulate the coal industry out of business, costing jobs and increasing the price of electricity just as great progress was being made in “clean” coal. Trump has reversed Obama’s regulations.

5. Climate change language censured: The Trump EPA is no longer using terms such as “global warming,” which have proven to be propaganda.

4. National monuments miniaturized: Obama had vastly increased the size of national monuments to increase donations from liberal environmentalists. Trump has reduced the monuments to a reasonable and manageable size.

3. Paris Agreement exited: The Paris Agreement did nothing to restrict China and India, the world’s greatest polluters, and would have punished the United States while having no effect on the climate.

2. Dangerous drilling expanded: Technology is continuously improving the safety of drilling and the overall record is good. Companies that have a leak or spill suffer heavy fines. The true danger is in relying on hostile foreign countries for oil.

1. Administration oiled: The Trump administration is not going to punish the oil industry that provides the energy for Mr. Northcutt’s comfortable lifestyle.

Mr. Northcutt urges everyone to only vote for candidates committed to fighting “anthropogenic climate change.” The true goal of Mr. Northcutt seems to be more government control of everything. Trump is reducing unnecessary regulations and the economy is booming. That seems to be alarming to many liberals.

Dan Westerfield, Crawford

Cut off their pay!

Government shutdowns, regardless of who caused them now or in our recent past: If only we could make members of Congress pay dearly by cutting off their salaries for every day the government is closed down. If only!

John Baker, Hewitt