The best medicine

I’m slipping. I thought I was a funny guy, sometimes, but right now I’m jealous of Garrison Keillor [“Old age bad enough without nuclear fears,” Aug. 22]. This morning he made my sweet wife’s laughter be louder, longer and harder than I’ve ever heard from her in our 52 years of marriage. As a result, I, too, did not get the uninterrupted sleep I need. Good morning, sunshine!

Yes, I also long to remember Garrison’s lost “Splendor in the Grass,” but she who must be obeyed had me mow ours yesterday and the chiggers were awful. Our lawn may be short-cropped these days, but the splendor is still to be found, especially when we remember the good times past and anticipate the ones to come. Thank you, Trib, and thanks to Garrison. Old age might be bad enough without a lot of things, Mr. Keillor, but the laughter you give helps a bunch!

Joe R. Riley, Waco

A call to action

I am proud the Racial Unity Gathering was held at our home church, First Presbyterian of Waco. We were given this opportunity as a neutral ground partially because our minister, Leslie King, and the governing elders approved the use of our facilities for this important occasion.

As participants of the meeting demonstrated in their remarks, any real progress made regarding social problems amongst us will have to be made through local action, as national and state legislatures have proven either incapable or unwilling to solve them.

Dorothy and David Fornoff, Waco

Great parks staff

Thanks to the City of Waco Parks Department including its design team, maintenance and support systems for our city parks. I’m pretty much a daily user of these parks and I appreciate how much thought and work go into the making and upkeep of them. Waco should be proud of what we can provide our residents and visitors!

Tinker Kramer, Waco

Solar eclipse

What a special day,

21 August ’17.

A celestial wonder

Like you’ve never seen!

Hasn’t been observed

In the continental U.S.

In about a hundred years,

This recent solar eclipse.

Around midday,

Sun and moon crossed the sky.

Hope you didn’t look up.

Might have damaged your eyes.

If you missed this spectacle

On this epic summer day,

Just wait seven years,

And it will come Texas’ way.

Ben Hagins, Woodway

EDITOR’S NOTE: Last week’s event offered a total eclipse to folks within a narrow path crossing the continental United States but it blocked only 70 percent of the sun here in Central Texas. Waco, however, will be treated to a total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. One fear: Springtime often brings some clouds.