God help us

Given that our nation has experienced several recent mass shootings, including those at public events, schools and churches, it is well that we review and strengthen our state and national gun laws. However, the gun is not the problem, it is only the instrument used. Many are killed and injured by cars and knives, yet we don’t ban these.

So long as man walks the surface of the earth, there will be tragic events. We must look at what will really help.

First, we have taken Bible teaching out of public schools, the Ten Commandments out of public places and we have made Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving only holidays and commercial events, not times for religious expression and reflection.

The current theology of political correctness advocates that each person do what is right in his own eyes. In the time of Noah, this brought about a great flood. Those who support freedom from religion have helped with the destruction of real moral values in this nation. Politicians and judges have bought us ill-conceived ideas.

President’s Day, meant to recognize the values and accomplishment of great leaders like Jefferson, Washington and Lincoln, has become only a commercial sales day. Where do we now teach the values that made these individuals worthy of recognition?

So long as man walks the earth, we will not be devoid of problems. But by teaching Bible-based values and the foundation they give to Western civilization, we can surely lessen these tragedies.

Don Hardcastle, Waco

Historical asset

Shout out to Kerry McGuire, researcher and clerk at the McLennan County Archives. That place is a treasure trove of information about early Waco gathered from many sources over the years. The records, maps, etc., are sorted, stored and preserved, saving them for future generations interested in what came before. Kerry is knowledgeable and always helpful — a real asset to our community. Thanks, Kerry.

Norma Cannata, Waco

March Madness

It’s that season of the year

When basketball reigns.

The men will feature 68 teams,

So let’s begin these games.

Match-ups that you’ve never seen

Will, no doubt, have upsets galore.

Many contests will go down to the wire

And the fans will scream for more.

But here’s the rule —

One loss and you’re out.

Only one team can become the champion.

It’s just what March Madness is about!

Ben Hagins, Woodway

EDITOR’S NOTE: The NCAA bracket selections for the men are Sunday; for the women, Monday.