Bunch of bunk

After reading District Attorney Abel Reyna’s remarks in the Trib Friday morning regarding the decrease in violent crime in our county, I must assume he does not read the daily crime report in the Trib. Oh... wait. Mr. Reyna calls the reporting of the Waco Tribune-Herald “fake news.”

Well, Bub, I’ve got a message for you. Maybe if you did communicate more with the best news outlet in our area, you would know that your premise that local criminals are scared of you and your office is a bunch of bunk. Every day there are reports of violent crime in the newspaper, the only daily newspaper in town. My husband and I have come to expect the same Trib passage in reports involving crime and punishment in McLennan County: “..and Mr. Reyna did not return telephone calls made to his office.” This inexcusable refrain concerning the district attorney has become our morning laughable moment.

Mr. Reyna, your refusals to talk with reporters of the print media about your office actions show a complete disdain for the people of this county.

Donna M. Myers, Waco

Safety is top priority

Regarding the letter on schools closing prematurely for bad weather, I understand the reasoning behind this. We need to walk a mile in school officials’ shoes, so to speak. I remember a past superintendent who checked the roads at 4 a.m. — and if they had to cancel school, he got blasted for waiting till the last minute because parents then had to find caregivers. Worse, some families would not get the message and would risk injury getting to school.

It’s naïve to think all parents watch the news or check Facebook every five minutes to see if your school was canceled. It takes a while to get messages through the old-fashioned grapevine for many of our families. We can’t have it both ways! Be thankful that these superintendents serve our children so thoughtfully!

Diane Wilson, West

America not ‘godless’

I read Jack Crane’s letter “Godless Culture” with disgust. We’ve reached a new low in political tripe when using “winter break” instead of “Christmas holidays” is surrendering to non-believers. I went to Catholic schools 60 years ago and we called it “winter break” and “spring break.”

Claiming Jesus has been taken out of schools are words of political Satans. Jesus is in Christian schools and religious training at church. Some 25 years ago my children went to a public high school that had religion after school.

It’s profanity to say we don’t celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth anymore. Jack, tear yourself away from this political trash talk. There are more Protestants today than in 1970 and there are 2.2 billion Christians. You ask for an explanation of it all and it is: Our Christian Pilgrim forefathers gifted us with “freedom of religion” and “freedom from religion.”

Mike O’Bric, Woodway