Asking too much

I come from a state that does not value education. That’s more than visible from where the state money goes and the stories of educators across Oklahoma. They get paid little, get no real assistance and other issues that we can talk about later. I think the nation as a whole fails to value education like it should, but I speak from my context.

For the state, or nation, to ask any of them to arm themselves or be human shields, then, is entirely unfair. They are not paid enough for their current job description. To pay them less than enough to live well, and then ask them to be ready to die or shoot someone, is to abuse the love they have for their students.

Finding a way to end our epidemic of school shootings is not easy, though maybe easier than some claim it to be. But this is not it. Asking many of our nation’s greatest people, some of whom I have the honor of calling friends, to just be willing to die, or to harm or kill, and not address the other issues (it is way more than just a matter of pay) is to commit another injustice against human lives and foolishly put our faith and salvation in metal and gunpowder.

Christopher Williamson, Waco

Middle America: 2 views

In response to Trib opinion editor Bill Whitaker’s Feb. 14 column, “Democratic congressional candidates offer compelling themes,” about Rep. Bill Flores not being a “Middle American”: I was raised in the same town and graduated from the same high school as our representative. You liberals need to go back to where you came from. I will never vote for a Democrat because of the last president. He tried to destroy my country. All you Democrats want to do is more damage to our country and the Constitution.

Corrine Hughes, Waco


I’ve sent to Republican Congressman Bill Flores and Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz an article from the Tribune-Herald on how the Trump White House proposes to eliminate the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. This program, which helps families pay their heating bills primarily in the form of a grant sent directly to utility companies or heating fuel vendors, should be continued and supported by our government. LIHEAP is a lifeline for the elderly, disabled and others on fixed incomes. Incidentally, it also distributes money to keep people cool in the summer.

To worsen matters, President Trump has proposed that other social programs such as federal housing assistance and food stamps be eliminated. Many of the families likely to be adversely impacted live here in Texas, which the above gentlemen supposedly represent in Congress.

Eliminating these programs is outrageous! Trump promised that he would represent all the people. So far his support — and that of the gentlemen listed above — has been primarily extended to the wealthy and corporations.

Sharon Chandler, Hewitt