Both sides guilty

I have to admit I was not in church this past Sunday, but I was in church Saturday. I am a Christian. I disagree with the Aug. 19 column by Blake Burleson titled “Churches know truth about Charlottesville.” Mr. Burleson states that some pastors spoke out a week ago last Sunday against the false equivalency narrative of “both sides” in referring to Charlottesville. I should stress and underline that our president did not use the words “moral equivalent.” A reporter used those words in a question.

I agree with the statement presented to us by Pastor Erin Conaway that the “strong winds of bigotry and racism are crashing against us and threaten to capsize our union as well.” Blake Burleson agrees with that statement but what I saw was evil ideology, hate, racism, bigotry, murder and attempted murder on both sides. A man using a homemade flamethrower on another man, in my opinion, is attempted murder. These strong winds are blowing from two directions.

Not everyone on the “bad side” was a white supremacist, neo-Nazi, skinhead or alt-right. There were also members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in the demonstration who want to protect their heritage and protest the renaming of Emancipation Park and Justice Park (formerly named for Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson) and the removal of statues. This is not demonic. SCV membership includes Christians, non-Christians, blacks, whites and Hispanics.

The priest of St. Louis tells us we must stop the perpetrators. I saw perpetrators on both sides. Erin Conaway tells us we must stand arm in arm against hate groups. I saw hate groups on both sides. Winn Collier said it best: “Forgive us, our Lord.”

You may call me a racist. It is your right. I deny it. You may call me a white supremacist. I deny it. You may call me a Christian. I say yes! Jesus said, “Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you.” — Matthew 5:44.

Joe A. Hunter, Clifton

Quite the pair

Oh, my, that is beautiful! The cited reasons for publishing David Schleicher and David Gallagher’s columns are so downright wonderful that it made my day. I’m still smiling hours later about the perfection of it. Thank you.

Instead of losing my mind over the tragedies of our current political situation, I’ve decided to laugh, laugh, laugh at the absurdities. I do greatly appreciate your helping me with that important project.

La Nelda Hughes, Robinson

* * *

When I read the column “Simple steps to protect against hubristic interlopers from elitist-infested swamps” by David Schleicher and David Gallagher, I laughed my derriere off. They bring levity into the realm of the current hubris politics.

Donna M. Myers, Waco