Sunday sermons

In recent weeks reprehensible racist behavior was seen in Charlottesville as well as in the Waco area in the vandalism of a local church. Solutions to racism and bigotry have been discussed for generations in our nation and in our city.

An idea was initiated by a prominent African-American pastor in Waco that I believe has great merit. For the four Sundays of September, churches in the Waco area are declaring four scriptures, one each Sunday, that speak to unity and the oneness that Christians have across racial lines. As of this writing, 51 churches (including 19 African-American churches) in Waco are on board. They have a total of 25,950 in attendance. A Vertical Bible study on Baylor campus attracts 1,000 students. One voice declaring one truth all at one time.

Some may see this as only symbolic or just for optics, but Christ-followers have always found answers, comfort and strength in the Scriptures and this is a good starting place. The fact that 31 of the involved churches are predominately African-American and Hispanic congregations in Waco speaks volumes to me.

If your church wants to be involved, and would like to receive these four passages that 25,950-plus Central Texans are declaring these four Sundays in September, please reach out to me.

John Durham, Pastor, Highland Baptist Church, Waco

Scouting challenges

I disagree with Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak [“Boy Scouts need girls to save organization,” Aug. 24] who stated that “Girls shouldn’t be barred from the Boy Scouts if that’s where they want to be.” Boys also need organizations that cater to them (as do girls).

What Dvorak should say but doesn’t is whether she also thinks boys shouldn’t be barred from the Girl Scouts if that’s where they want to be. I suspect she would say no — they should be barred from Girl Scouts.

All across America there are organizations specifically for girls and only a few for boys only. And those are increasingly becoming “co-ed.” Boys also need encouragement, empowerment (to become good men) and the opportunity to have a good time only with other boys if that’s what they want.

I hope the Boy Scouts of America continues to be for boys only as I hope Girl Scouts of America continues to be for girls only.

Roger Olson, Waco

‘All Saints’

In a day of inflammatory racial rage, the movie “All Saints” offers a refreshing view of how people can work together to accomplish the common good. Respectful and loving bonds grow between Asians and Anglos in this movie and even business competition is put on the back burner to help out a neighbor in need.

Go see this movie — or rent it out when available — and I promise you that afterward both your step and heart will be a bit lighter.

Tonya L. Warren, Waco