Retire on this?

Have you heard about the new guaranteed weight loss program for Texas retired teachers? You:

  • Pay one-third of your retirement for health insurance.
  • Pay registration, inspection, license fees and upkeep on your 18-year-old car.
  • Pay utilities, upkeep and taxes on your 60-plus-year-old home (if you are fortunate enough to have home).
  • Pay for maintenance medications.
  • Pay for... Oops, no money left for food? Guaranteed weight loss program!

Seriously, what is an 87-year-old retired teacher to do? My husband and I have made our way without begging through good times and bad. But the recent letter from Teacher Retirement System informing me our health insurance was increasing from $225 to $529 and would begin being deducted this month floored me. I feel sure we aren’t the only retirees wondering what happened to the security we earned for loving and serving our state’s families. No wonder so many fine young people can’t afford to become teachers.

Jane V. Strickland, Waco

Camelot, begone!

It appears Donald Trump’s version of Camelot will soon end. The walls that are crumbling down upon him will bury him. If Trump can be blunt, I suppose I can.

I wonder if our president knows what a bologna and cheese sandwich is. He will before year’s end because he’ll be doing time and the jailhouse rock. The only way he can avoid this is to pull a Nixon or, in other words, resign. Trump and Nixon — what a pair in American history. And both Republicans

That brings us to the man who will become president after Trump is taken away: Vice President Mike Pence, who looks to be about as bright as a burned-out light bulb. At least he’s not a racist. As for Mr. Trump, there are two things I would like to add: Bon appétit and seeya. Vote Democratic.

Mario Villarreal, Oglesby

FBI protects us

Many years ago Congress decided that federal law enforcers should, in rare instances, gather information about Americans aiding foreigners violating American laws as in the Saudi-led attack on the Twin Towers in New York City. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) consists of federal judges and meets in secret. Petitions for FISA warrants require multiple signatures from federal law enforcers.

It seems to me the FBI seeking a warrant to gain information about Trump campaign activist Carter Page’s activities in Russia is entirely appropriate.

Gayle Avant, retired Baylor University professor of political science

True villainy

I guess Texas really is a hell-hole that gives a get-out-of-jail-free card for a man [Ed Graf] who heinously murdered two innocent boys. It’s a good example of our criminal justice system. So what next?

Maria Malachi, Waco